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Feline Veterinary Services at A Cat Hospital

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Las Vegas cat owners will find everything they need to help ensure healthy lives for their feline friends here at A Cat Hospital. Our Las Vegas cats-only clinic can provide such important services and techniques as:

  • Wellness Exams - Every cat should undergo regularly-scheduled wellness exams. Kittens require several wellness exams during their first year, while adults need annual exams and senior cats may need additional exams. We run detailed lab tests, check your cat's external condition and weight, monitor vital signs, and administer any routine care necessary. We will also advise you on proper dietary and feeding habits for your kitten, who needs more calories now than he will as an adult cat.
  • Spaying and Neutering - Spaying and neutering, ideally administered while your cat is still a kitten, can protect cats against reproductive diseases (including cancers) while also removing some the of the destructive behaviors that may endanger their well-being.
  • Vaccinations - Kittens need several rounds of core vaccinations during their first year. These shots protect against feline threats such as rabies, calicivirus, panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis. We may also recommend vaccination against feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Adult cats will then need booster shots at periodic intervals.
  • Dentistry - From dental checkups and cleanings under anesthesia to treatment of dental illnesses and injuries, our clinic is ready to help your cat enjoy a lifetime of dental health. Dental evaluations/cleanings are commonly performed alongside wellness exams.
  • Internal Medicine - If your cat is sick or injured, our internal medicine techniques and procedures can help. We can perform internal surgery, prescribe medication, and administer techniques such as laser therapy for safe, natural pain relief and tissue healing.
  • Senior Care - Older cats face elevated risks of cancer, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, joint pain and other problems. We can perform detailed wellness exams twice a year to look for any threats to your feline's health and administer prompt treatment, from chronic pain relief to specialized diets.

Cat-Specific Care

In addition to these general veterinary services, our clinic also provides services specifically aimed at the particular needs of cats. For example, we can treat an age-related dental problem called feline tooth resorption. Our boarding services also go the extra mile to create a uniquely quiet, peaceful, cat-friendly environment that you won't find at an ordinary veterinary clinic. Declawing is yet another cat-specific procedure we offer at A Cat Hospital -- one that can provide significant benefits in certain situations. We even offer feline cardiac testing to check for high levels of BNP, a chemical that may indicate heart disease in cats. Last but not least, we can address behavioral issues such as inappropriate elimination, pinpointing their cause and providing recommendations to resolve the problem.

Services for Every Phase of Life at A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas, CA

Whether you have a baby kitten or a feline senior citizen, you'll find a lifetime of high-quality cat care right here. Call 702-454-4400 for an appointment!