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Nutrition and Weight Control Services at A Cat Hospital in Henderson

Cats are unique individuals - some may be gluttonous, others finicky about their mealtime menus. But every cat needs the right dietary intake and nutritional balance for his particular age, size, and overall health. Knowing exactly how and what to feed your cat can be a challenge. That's why you'll be relieved to know that our Henderson veterinarians at A Cat Hospital offer nutritional and weight control services to help your cat stay trim and well.

overweight cat who needs pet nutrition counseling from his veterinarian in Henderson

What You Should Know About Cat Dietary Needs

Some pet owners think they can feed Fido and Felix out of the same bag of "chow." This is a bad idea because each species has its own nutritional requirements. For instance, dogs can manufacture amino acids such as taurine internally, so they don't need taurine in their food; cats, on the other hand, must get their taurine from their diet. Dogs are omnivores, thriving on both plant and animal sources, while cats must get their nutrients from meat. Take care to feed your cat only cat food and not other pet foods. Don’t let them eat human food, either. Many of our foods have too much sugar, fat and salt for cats, and some of them even have toxic effects.

Nutrition Requirements at Different Life Stages

Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats all have different caloric needs. Small kittens may need several meals a day to give them the energy and raw materials they need at this stage of growth. Adult cats don't need more than two feedings a day. Sedentary senior cats may benefit from a reduction in caloric intake to help them avoid obesity, a dangerous condition that raises the risk for many diseases. Some cats may also need dietary modifications to help them cope with kidney disease, diabetes, or other chronic conditions.

Nutritional Advice from A Cat Hospital

Our Henderson cat veterinarians are your resource for dietary and nutritional care. During a wellness exam, our veterinarians will weigh your cat to make sure he isn't over or underweight . Our lab tests can also reveal any imbalances or diseases that might call for changes in his diet. If your cat needs to lose weight, we can put him on a diet and exercise program to slim him down safely. We can also provide low-sodium, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic, or other types of specialized diets to help your cat cope with health challenges.

Contact our Cat Veterinarian in Henderson for More Cat Nutrition Information

Give your kitty the healthy life they deserve. Call A Cat Hospital at 702-454-4400 and schedule an exam with your veterinarian in Henderson, NV!